Date/Time Event Grading
All Day
Mt Samaria Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Baranduda Range - Ridge lane loop Sunday walk Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Beechworth hills exploration - 14kms Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Tramway Walk Grade 2 Easy-Medium
All Day
Mt Buffalo – the big walk in winter 22kms Grade 4 Medium-Hard
All Day
My favourite side tracks- Nail Can Hill Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Norths Lookout Grade 3 Medium
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
All Day
Two Beauty-ful hills Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Kelly cave and Barry falls (Beechworth). Medium-hard, approx. 20km Grade 4 Medium-Hard
All Day
Wodonga views Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Woomargama Hume and Hovell track south Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Leaders Training Day Ungraded
All Day
Glen Creek Loop Walk Grade 3 Medium
All Day
Nail can hill in Spring Grade 3 Medium
29/10/2021 - 31/10/2021
All Day
The Fainters Grade 3 Medium
12/11/2021 - 14/11/2021
12:00 am
Get together at JB Plain Ungraded
All Day
Falls Creek to Hotham crossover Grade 4 Medium-Hard
02/12/2021 - 06/12/2021
All Day
THE PROM Grade 4 Medium-Hard
03/12/2021 - 06/12/2021
All Day
Mt Buffalo Walk, Camp and Sing Weekend Grade 3 Medium
18/12/2021 - 19/12/2021
All Day
Full moon Feathertop Grade 4 Medium-Hard
05/04/2022 - 08/04/2022
All Day
Cape Pillar, Cape Hauy, Cape Raoul – The 3 Capes Grade 4 Medium-Hard

Grading of Bushwalking Trips

Grade 1
(Easy) Opportunity for large number of participants, including those with reduced ability to walk/cycle on well- marked and evenly formed tracks. Formed tracks may have a few steps. Should not be steep. Suitable for beginners. Distance should not exceed about 10km.
Grade 2
(Easy-Medium) Easy activity, mostly on tracks of low gradient. Opportunity to walk/cycle easily in natural environments on well-marked tracks. Tracks should not be steep. Distance should not exceed about 15km.
Grade 3
(Medium) Medium activity with some hilly sections and/or rougher terrain. Opportunity to walk/cycle on defined and distinct tracks with some steep sections requiring a moderate level of fitness. Suitable for fit beginners. Distance should not exceed about 20km.
Grade 4
(Medium-Hard) Steeper, rougher terrain and may have off-track sections (no more than one quarter of the walk) or a longer distance track walk. Opportunity to explore and discover relatively undisturbed natural environments mostly along defined and distinct tracks. Tracks can be steep. There may be short sections of rock scrambling involved. Leaders should have map reading abilities and/or ability to use a compass. Distance depending on circumstances. Not suitable for most beginners.
Grade 5
(Hard) Off-track or difficult terrain. Opportunity for walkers with advanced outdoor knowledge and skills to find their own way along often indistinct tracks or off track in remote locations. May include steep sections of unmodified surfaces. There may be rock scrambling, creek walking and river crossings involved. Distance should not exceed 30km, but may be short and difficult. Not suitable for beginners.
Grade 6
(Very Hard) Strenuous off-track walk or very long distance. Opportunity for highly experienced walkers to exploratory remote and challenging natural areas without reliance on managed tracks. Terrain may be steep, uneven and no track. There may be rock scrambling, creek walking and crossing involved. Distance covered is unlimited, but may be short and difficult. Only for experienced walkers and not suitable for beginners.

Exploratory Is unknown to the Leader and while every effort has been made to grade the activity appropriately, there may be some unexpected aspects which may increase the difficulty of the walk.


Car pooling arrangements vary depending which state the activity is in.  Check you state restrictions that vary from time to time.  

Each person needs to feel that they are not at risk or presenting a risk to others because of their individual circumstances.  For this reason the decision to car pool, according to the guidelines, must be a personal one and individuals are welcome to make their own travel arrangements.