Club Member of the Year

The Border Bushwalking Club awards the title of Club Person of the Year to a member who has contributed significantly to the activities of the club for the prior year. The awardee is chosen by the previous recipient and the award is announced at the annual Christmas Party.

Here is a list of the recipients by year:

2019 Sandy Kaitler

2018 Ira Robinson

2017 David Graf

2016 Pete Smith-Allen

2015 Cindy Marsh

2014 Ian Trevaskis

2013 Eileen Clark

2012 Bernadette Cromarty

2011  Liz Hammond

2010  Deb Kahn

2009  not awarded

2008  Pauline McLaughlin

2007  Ron Hammond

2006  Bruce Keys

2005  Paul Schrimer

2006  Edna Jakobs