Mt Kilawarra loop

Date(s) - 10 Aug 2024


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Mick
  • Phone: 0437 101 009
  • Deb
  • 0410 047884
  • Participant numbers:10
  • Final booking date: 7/8/24

  • Wildlife and obstacles

We begin the walk in the Warby Ranges at the foot of Mt Kilawarra. After we summit the small peak and enjoy the views, we’ll head off in search of what we can find. Everything about this walk will be off track. You can make it your own walk searching for rocks, flowers/trees, birds/bees, as we make our own way and wonder through the bush and back to Mt Kilawarra.  The  walk will be off track and should be somewhere around 10km in distance depending on what the group decides.