Falls creek – a collection of short(ish) walks

Date(s) - 13 Feb 2022


  • Grade 2 Easy-Medium
  • Leader: David G
  • Phone: 0432 632 142 after 7pm the Monday to Wednesday leading up to the walk please
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date:

This collection of short walks will tick off a number of attractions I’ve always driven past on the way to, or from, other walks. This inherently means I haven’t been to any of the following places, however I’m confident in rating this collection of walks as easy-medium.

We’ll start with Fainter falls. The falls are 700m walk each way (ie 1.4km return).

Then we’ll head up to Falls creek and stop in the first car park. Backtracking 150m down the road there is supposed to be some steps beside the road which lead down to a waterfall I’ve seen pictures of. I think this will be no more than 2km return, and likely much less – I think. I don’t know how steep the down and up will be, but I don’t think it’ll be a long and tough climb.

We’ll then head on and park at the base of Heathy spur and follow the aquaduct along, and then a smallish hill (100m elevation gain) up to Ropers lookout – about 5km return.

Finally, we’ll drive around Rocky dam to Cope hut, look at the hut, and then follow the aquaduct to Rover chalet and back – about 3.2km return.

So all up about 12km for the day – maybe a little more, maybe a little less.