Three and a half huts cancelled

Date(s) - 28 Mar 2020 until 29 Mar 2020


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Mick
  • Phone: 0437101009
  • Deb
  • 0410047884
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: 25/3/20





On Saturday we will start at Heathy Spur and follow the walking track to where it meets the Big River Firetrail/AAWT. We continue along the AAWT passing Mt Nelse, Warby Corner and Pole 902 to our overnight camp at Ropers Hut. In the afternoon we will try and find the remains of Battys Hut. There is no track to Battys Hut ruins, so we will need to find our way through fallen trees and other obstacles.

On Sunday we will pack up and follow the Big River Firetrail/AAWT back towards Watchbed Creek, with side trips to both Edmondsons and Johnston Hut.

There will a small car shuffle


Requires a short car shuffle on Saturday morning.