Tali Karng ….. take #6

Date(s) - 24 Feb 2022 until 27 Feb 2022


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Deb
  • Phone: 0410047884 before 8pm
  • Co-leader: Mick
  • Co-leader phone: 0437101009
  • Participant numbers:Up to 10 participants. This activity is only available for fully vaccinated members.
  • Final booking date: Friday 11th February 2022

Tali Karng is a hidden lake deep in the mountains of Gippsland, fed by snowmelt waters of the Wellington Plains. The lake is believed to have been formed about 1500 years ago when a massive rock slide collapsed into the valley damming the waters of Nigothoruk Creek above Wellington River. The water runs underground from the lake to emerge as the Wellington River 150m below in the Valley of Destruction. The easiest route to Lake Tali Karng begins at McFarlane Saddle Carpark on the Moroka Road, 60 km from Licola.

Roughly 36km all up over the 3 days and except for about 500m all on track.  

Day 1 – Thursday 24th February 2022

Big drive of approx. 7hrs to McFarlane Saddle Hut. Camp overnight.

Day 2 – Friday 25th February

Follow Wellington Plain Track to intersection with Moroka Gap Walking Track (6km). Then follow the Moroka Gap walking track to the intersection with Mt Wellington Track (1km). Leave big packs there and walk (easy walk) the 1km to summit of Mt Wellington – for smoko. Return to packs (1km) and continue south on Mt Wellington Track to Taylor Lookout and then onto Millers Hut (4km). Continue along the Millers Hut Track for 2km to Nyimba Campsite and set up camp for 2 nights. Approx 15km

Day 3 – Saturday 26th February

Option 1:Take Gillios tk to Lake Tali Karng. The last bit of this track is very steep. Allow 5hrs for return walk and 1.5hrs for walk around lake to Snowden Falls, if possible. Return to camp for night. Approx 9km

Option 2: Take Gillios tk to Lake Tali Karng. The last bit of this track is very steep. After walking (if possible) to Snowden Falls, return to camp via Echo Point Track which climbs a little less steeply than Gillios Track, for 1km to meet Riggall Spur Track. Follow Riggall Spur Track back to camp. Approx 9.5km

Day 4 – Sunday 27th February

Pack up and leave early and walk west from Nyimba campsite past Wellington Plains Tk to junction with Spion Kopje Tk (if possible). Head north following Spion Kopje Tk to rocky summit. The track is faint in places but follows the ridgeline north to a saddle. Turn east here (rest of Spion Kopje Tk is overgrown) over grassy plains for approx. 500m (no track) till you hit the Wellington Plains Tk just to the south-west of Moroka Gap Tk. Keep following Wellington Plains Tk north to McFarlanes Saddle Hut. Approx 3hrs/11km. Depart for home or wherever.