Port Lincoln, S.A. Grading: Exploratory

Date(s) - 18 Apr 2014 until 27 Apr 2014


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Leader: Trevor Potts
Phone: 04 00 11 9027
Final Date: Friday 21st March.
Limited numbers available.

I intend to travel over to the area, and then have a close look around at the various areas. There are a number of parks, some you have to book to stay in, and others are select a site. It cost $11/vehicle/day. I intend to camp at a place, do walks, then move further on and explore others areas. Limited water is available at some camp sites, whilst not at others, so we have to carry some with us and use sparingly. Travel time:- it takes 12 hours approximately to travel from Melbourne to Port Augusta, then another 4 hours down to Port Lincoln. My thoughts were to get away on Friday morning (from Albury) and see how far we get the first day. With tents, we can stop at a caravan park. The weather for last April was averaging 14oC min to 25oC max. The most important is that we intend to be flexible as haven’t been there before and take it as it comes.