Mt Speculation, The Cross Cut Saw, Mt Howitt

Date(s) - 23 Mar 2018 until 25 Mar 2018


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Mick Sheedy
  • Phone: 0437101009
  • Deb Kahn
  • 0410047884
  • Participant numbers:dependent on 4wd available
  • Final booking date: 19/3/18

This two night trip consists of camping at Lake Cobbler on Friday night. On Saturday morning we will drive up to the base of Mt Speculation where we will start our walk up to the summit of Mt Speculation. We’ll then walk across the Cross Cut Saw to Vallejo Gantner Hut. We will return the same way but with a detour up to Mt Howitt before heading back across Mt Buggery along the Cross Cut Saw to Mt Speculation and the car/s and back to Lake Cobbler for our second night. On Sunday morning the plan is to do a short 8k return walk up to Mt Cobbler before heading home. It’s approximately 20 kms return walk up to Mt Speculation across to Vallejo Gantner Hut/Mt Howitt when returning to the cars. A 4wd is required to get to the base of Mt Speculation so numbers for the walk will depend on how many 4wds are available. I will have spare seats in mine.