Mt Jagungal 29th of October to 1st November

Date(s) - 29 Oct 2015 until 1 Nov 2015


  • Grade 5
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Grade 5

Leader Peter Smith-Allen

Phone 0260271980

Thursday 29th October, 2km

Thursday night we will drive to the Round Mountain trail Head and walk the short distance to Round Mountain Hut where we will camp for the night.

Friday 30th October, Approx. 15km

Today we will walk to Derschkos Hut and set up camp. In the afternoon we will follow the foot pad along the Tumut River to the summit of Mt Jagungal and then return to our camp at Derschkos Hut.

Saturday 31st October, Approx. 12 km

We will retrace our steps for a short distance along the Round Mountain Trail before branching of along the Hell Hole Creek Fire Trail. We will then walk off track for a short distance to our overnight camp at Wheelers Hut.

Sunday 1st November 11Km

Our last day will see us cross the Tooma River, following Wheelers Ford Trail. We will then follow Dargals Trail past Paton’s hut back to the cars.

Please note there will be a short car shuffle between the Tooma River and the Round Mountain trail Head.