Members Forum: photos

Date(s) - 1 May 2020 until 8 May 2020


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  • Participant numbers:Unlimited
  • Final booking date: Post by Friday May 8th

Whilst we are unable to get out and about together you can post on our member forum.


Week one

Photo theme: trees


Post a photo and have a look at what others have posted on this theme.

  • Log into the BBC website to access the Members area using your username and password
  • The first line in the Members drop down list is now Members Forum
  • Add you comment in the box at the top of the new Forum page that opens
  • Click on the photo icon and you will be asked to add your photo to this box if you chose
  • The size of your photo will appear below the thumbnail
  • Please limit your photos to 10 MG.
  • Click Update and the thumbnail will expand to a larger photo
  • Click the X icon if you are unhappy with your post to delete and start again
  • You can search all posts using any word in the posts
  • Only the member who added the post can delete an entry with the exception of the administrator who can delete post on the forum if inapprorite
  • Any member can add a comment to another members post
  • You can also add a photo to your comment
  • If you have any questions or have forgotten you user name and password please email [email protected]