Goldie’s Spur cross over, Grade 3, 19kms

Date(s) - 13 Dec 2015


  • Grade 3
  • Leader: Paul Schirmer
  • Phone: Phone: Paul 02 6026 7358, Mob 0412 404 770
  • co-leader: volunteer needed
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date:

This is a walk from the Buckland valley to the Buffalo valley (or the reverse as it is a crossover) behind Mt Buffalo. It is all on a 4WD track that follows a high-tension power line.

There is a fairly substantial climb from either end because the track rises to about 1200m and the start at either end is at about 300m. There are good views along the track because at the higher parts we will be right on the back of Mt Buffalo, near the Back Wall.

Fires have been through most of this area but that will only have served to open up the views.

As this is a cross over I will need at least 6 walkers, three from each end, and someone to be the second leader.