Cairn Creek Hut, Approx. 30km, max 8 walkers. Medium -Hard

Date(s) - 10 May 2014 until 11 May 2014


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Leader: Peter Smith-Allen
Phone 0260271980

Situated at the junction of Cairn Creek and Big River, Cairn Creek Hut was built in 1952 and is one of the most remote Huts in the Park.
Saturday morning we will make our way up the Eskdale Spur to Tadgell Point, at this point we will leave the track. Heading down we will follow Horse Ridge then Granny Spur, off track towards big River. (There are some steep sections as we near Big River). We will cross big river to Cairn Creek Hut, where we will camp for the night. The Following day we will make our way up the overgrown track to Quartz Ridge. (Some bush bashing will be required on the bottom section of this track). Upon meeting up with the Quartz Ridge track we will follow this up to West Peak, Hooker Plateau, Summit and then back down the Eskdale Spur to the cars.


Grade 5
(Hard) Off-track or difficult terrain. Opportunity for walkers with advanced outdoor knowledge and skills to find their own way along often indistinct tracks or off track in remote locations. May include steep sections of unmodified surfaces. There may be rock scrambling, creek walking and crossing involved. Distance should not exceed 30km, but may be short and difficult. Not suitable for beginners.