Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) Track Clearing

Date(s) - 6 Mar 2015 until 9 Mar 2015


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Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) Track Clearing 6-9th March 2015, in the Omeo area.
We will again be working with Parks Victoria to keep this track open as it gets overgrown due to the vigorous growth of the bush. We are looking for people willing to camp out and help, using loppers and motorised tools. If you can use these we would be especially interested in you joining us. We would give training to those willing to learn, so this is not a must.
There will be jobs to suit all levels, including removal of cut materials and clearing of the runoff channels.
We are looking to put on the traditional Pot Roast!
Please show your interest by contacting me at: [email protected]
Kind regards
Charlie Ablitt
Bushwalking Tracks & Conservation Projects Coordinator