Buffalo Bits. Beginners welcome.

Date(s) - 19 Dec 2020


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader: Bernadette
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:10
  • Final booking date: Wed Dec 16th

These are three separate walks that give an idea of the variety on Mt Buffalo.  It is possible to sit out any of the walks if you’d like as they are separate and all begin at pleasant picnic areas. Each year I change the departure time and order of the walk according to the weather.  The final decisions are made on the Wednesday prior to the walks.

The Gorge is the best known of these walks.  It is 2.5km and has interpretive signs telling of some history the area through the eyes of Guide Alice.  it also shows the grandeur of this magnificent gorge.

The walk to View Point starts at Lake Catani and is 4km return.  This walk ends with stunning views down to the valley below.  If it’s hot the lake is a great place for a dip before, after or instead of the walk.

Rollasons Falls is the steepest walk.  It is 4km return and has two viewpoints of this lovely waterfall.  The first 2km go down and then…you guessed it, you go up to get back.  There’s also opportunity to get wet here if you are hot.


This day is rated grade 3 but it is an easy grade three and possibly even easier if you opt out of one part.