4 day alpine walk.

Date(s) - 19 Feb 2016 until 22 Feb 2016


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: John Hillard
  • Phone:
  • Co-leader: Bernadette Cromarty
  • Co-leader phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:Participants: max of 6
  • Final booking date: Final bookings: 12/02/2016

 A classic walk along one of the most spectacular sections of the Alpine Walking Track.  We will start at Hotham and cross to the High Plains via Cobungra Gap.  We’ll camp the first night at Ryders Yards or thereabouts.   The second day will be a long (but gentle) stroll across the High Plains to Roper Hut.  The next day it is down, down, down 800m to the Big River and up, up, up to Cleve Cole Hut to camp.  The final day will be an exit via the Eskdale Spur with a brief side trip to Mt Bogong.  Please book through Bernadette.