Young’s Hut working bee

Date(s) - 17 Oct 2014 until 19 Oct 2014


  • Grade 3
  • Leader: Ron Hammond
  • Phone: 60401233
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date:

The Border Bushwalking Club is committed to the upkeep and maintenance of Young’s Hut. The working bee for Young’s Hut is scheduled for this weekend.

Calling all  carpenters/builders/and handymen (and women). Your help is needed to replace over half the weatherboards on Young’s Hut. Leaving Friday afternoon so we can have two full days at Young’s or longer if you have the time. This is a major project to ensure the Huts future. The boards have been transported by skidoo over winter so no carrying out this time, Yes I no your disappointed !. Our Club has been maintaining Young’s Hut for 30 years, it’s 8 klm south of Pretty Valley Falls Creek

An update:

A few points for those considering supporting this event;
• We’ll need to transport in a bit of gear including a ladder, 2 x aluminium scaffold platforms ( saw horses on steroids), Timber corner stops, Permishield insulation roll ( sisal on steroids!), flashing rolls, spririt levels, battery tools ( lots of batteries), stapler, various hand tools, spirit levels, chalk lines
• I’m still hopeful of driving out Cope Saddle Hut Track to the Aqueduct track but that remains in PV’s court. All depends on the snow assessment
• To assist with the carry out, I’m contemplating using a bag trolley or two but much depends on the route
• There will be a bit to do I think, demolition and preparing the walls, insulating and sealing, fitting flashings and weatherboard stops, fitting the weatherboards and cleaning up the debris.
• Minimum personal gear should include a tape measure and pencil!

For information on this event contact Ron Hammond on (02) 60401233