Woolshed Falls to Beechworth Returning via the Gorge Road – Grade 3 – 15 Km Walk

Date(s) - 5 Jul 2014


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Leader: Janet Buckton
Phone: (02) 6041 4421
Co- Leader: Cindy Marsh
Final date to book in: Wednesday July 2nd
This popular walk combines easy tracks to walk on, great views, waterfalls, and of course the Lolly or Ice-Cream shop in Beechworth for the young at heart; that’s all of us! We start the walk from Woolshed Falls and follow the track into Beechworth, passing the Beechworth Powder Magazine on the way. The return trip is via the Beechworth Gorge which meets the track back to Woolshed Falls.

Grade 3: Medium activity with some hilly sections and/or rougher terrain. Opportunity to walk/cycle on defined and distinct tracks with some steep sections requiring a moderate level of fitness. Suitable for fit beginners. Distance should not exceed about 20km.