West Peak via Granite Spur and Michelle Hut

Date(s) - 21 Feb 2015 until 22 Feb 2015


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Dick Wellard
  • Phone: 02 6027 1622
  • Alison Wellard
  • 02 6027 1622
  • Participant numbers:depends on vehicle availability
  • Final booking date: 17 Feb 15

The vision splendid is to Back Pack to Michelle Hut from Granite Spur car park (aprox 2km), drop packs and proceed to West Peak via Mt Bogong,(aprox 10 km return).
We plan to camp overnight at Michelle Hut, allowing the walk to West Peak to take place either PM Sat or AM Sun, depending on weather/time.
The possibility exists to return from Michelle Hut to Mountain Creek car park via the Staircase for all but the drivers.
Access to Granite Spur car park is limited to 4 wheel drive vehicles, hence the number of participants will be limited to the availability of such vehicles. At the time of writing, only one extra passenger spot is available.