Wagga Walking Weekend

Date(s) - 5 Sep 2014 until 7 Sep 2014


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Bernadette Cromarty
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: 29/8/14

Leader Bernadette Cromarty  Grade 4

Phone: 0419241687

Final date to book. FRIDAY AUGUST 29th

This weekend includes the Wiradjuri Walking Track on Saturday and The Rock on Sunday.  The Wiradjuri track is a track the goes around Wagga taking in a number of points of interest.  There is a lot of flat walking with some gentle undulations and a few hills.  It is 34+ km and a good chance to test out your endurance as there are a number of points where you can pull out if needed.  The Rock can be completed on the return trip and is a much shorter but steeper 7km walk.  The views from the top are worth the climb.

There is limited bed, floor and tent space available for Friday and Saturday night so early booking is suggested.

Please phone after 5pm to book in.

This walk is rated at level 4 only because of the distance.  The walking is all on track and not difficult apart from the distance.


Grade 4
(Medium-Hard) Steeper, rougher terrain and may have off-track sections (no more than one quarter of the walk) or a longer distance track walk. Opportunity to explore and discover relatively undisturbed natural environments mostly along defined and distinct tracks. Tracks can be steep. There may be short sections of rock scrambling involved. Leaders should have map reading abilities and/or ability to use a compass. Distance depending on circumstances. Not suitable for most beginners.