Up Mt Feathertop Northwest Spur – Grading: Hard – Distance: 20kms+

Date(s) - 1 Dec 2013


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Leader: John Stevens  Phone:  0428 247 083  after 7pm

We’ll start from near the trout farm, about 4 kms north of Harrietville. We’ll follow the remains of the walking track all the way to the MUMC Hut. Our next target will be the summit of Feathertop. Afterwards, we’ll walk down to Federation Hut before following the walking track down Bungalow Spur all the way to Harrietville.

We’ll either have lunch at the MUMC Hut or on Feathertop, depending on weather conditions and our progress.

A car shuffle will be required to get back to the cars near the trout farm.

The track up Northwest Spur was damaged by fire last summer, has not been maintained and has not been officially re-opened. Overall, it is not in a bad condition, but some short sections no longer exist. To avoid any misunderstanding, this walk should be regarded as an off track walk.