Tree Planting at Lurg – Social and feel good

Date(s) - 22 Sep 2012


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Contact: Liz Hammond Phone: 02 60401233

Ray Thomas has been organising tree planting weekends at Lurg near Winton for over ten years. In that time he has been responsible for the regeneration of over 800 hectares of bushland, creating wildlife corridors for endangered native birds and animals, including the Regent Honeyeater. Thanks to his enthusiasm and energy, Ray’s project has become one of the most active volunteer conservation projects in Australia, involving over 17,000 volunteers, being local land owners, school groups, and bushwalkers. This year, I’d like to organise a group of people from our club to drive down to Winton on the Saturday morning, spend the day helping to plant three or four thousand little plants, and then drive home. Those who want to can stay for the weekend, can camp at the scout hall, go to a bush dance, get a free dinner, and plant some more on Sunday. But I find that one day is as much as my arthritic knees can cope with. Anyone who is interested, please call me by the evening of Wednesday 19


September so that I can organise car pooling and let Ray know how many are coming.