Tour de Springdale Heights, NSW

Date(s) - 16 Aug 2020


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader: Eileen Clark
  • Phone: 0412 042 195
  • Participant numbers:10
  • Final booking date: Friday 14 August

This walk is a circuit with Red Light Hill as its centrepiece. We start in Wagga Road and climb Red Light Hill from the east side, which should give us spectacular views to the south and east. We descend the hill by the more usual route down Shaw Street and the challenge is to walk on as little bitumen as possible to get back to the cars. The walk is only about 6 km but the climb is very steep. Bring walking poles if you use them. Wattles should be flowering and there may be a few kangaroos loose in the back paddock. This will be an afternoon walk to allow the frost to thaw and the fog  to lift. Bring a little titbit for afternoon tea, plus something to sit on.