The Grey Hills – Grade 4 – Medium Hard – Distance 20+ Kms

Date(s) - 16 Mar 2014


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Leader:  John Stevens

Phone:  0428 247 083 after 7pm

This circuit walk starts from Bogong Village and goes up Black Possum Spur track all the way to where it comes out on the Grey Hills ridge top.

At that point, we turn right and follow the crest of the Grey Hills south eastwards to Crowsnest and on to the Spion Kopje Fire track. There is a foot pad most of the way. This section offers great views.

The rest of the walk is downhill all the way to Bogong village, mostly along the Spion Kopje fire track.

Note: Grading of Activity – Grade 4 (Medium-Hard)

Steeper, rougher terrain and may have off-track sections (no more than one quarter of the walk) or a longer distance track walk. Opportunity to explore and discover relatively undisturbed natural environments mostly along defined and distinct tracks. Tracks can be steep. There may be short sections of rock scrambling involved. Leaders should have map reading abilities and/or ability to use a compass. Distance depending on circumstances. Not suitable for most beginners.