Sunday afternoon stroll – Sumison Gardens Circuit via Gateway Island Grade 1 Easy 10 kms

Date(s) - 25 May 2014


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Leader: Cindy Marsh
Phone: 0410425335
Final date to book: Friday May 23, call after 7 pm
A pleasant Sunday afternoon walking from Sumison Gardens in Wodonga, following the path to the Wodonga Creek, crossing over the new swing bridge and picking up the path again that follows the Murray River to the Gateway Island. We will stop and purchase coffee at the La Maison Café, before picking up the path again to walk back to Sumison Garden. Note: As we are walking on Footpaths, comfy shoes are required as well as water, snacks etc

Grade 1 :Opportunity for large number of participates, including those with reduced ability to walk/cycle on well-marked and even formed tracks.  Formed tracks may have a few steps. Should not be steep. Suitable for beginners. Distance should not exceed about 10km.