Spion Kopje overnighter

Date(s) - 8 Mar 2019 until 10 Mar 2019


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader: Bernadette
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Sun March 3rd

Spion Kopje is one of my favourite places in the Falls Creek area as it has such great views.  We have done it many times as a day walk but there is now a gate at Watchbed Creek which means it would be a very long day walk.

I’m proposing that we walk 5 km out to Edmonson’s Hut on Friday night and then walk to Spion Kopje and back to the tents with day packs on the Saturday.  Saturdays walk would be around 19km.

On Sunday we will walk back to the cars and be down off the hill by lunch time.