Ridge and Moonlight Track, Warby Range.

Date(s) - 20 Dec 2020


  • Grade 2 Easy-Medium
  • Leader: Paul Schirmer
  • Phone: 0412404770
  • Participant numbers:10
  • Final booking date: 16th December.

The Ridge and Moonlight Track is an 11.9 kilometer loop trail located near Glenrowan that offers the chance to see wildlife, incredible flora and fantastic views.

The walk takes the Ridge Track from the car park located at the top of Taminick Gap south for 4.9 kilometers to Mt Glenrowan. We then double back to the Moonlight Track and follow that until we are at the back of Bailey’s vine yards.

There are extensive views into the Ovens Valley and across to Mt Buffalo and the Main Range before Mt Glenrowan then, from Moonlight Track, across to the Winton Wetlands and Ghesney Vale Range.

This walk is all on management vehicle tracks but I have rated this walk as Grade 2 because of the distance and one spot where the track is quite steep for about 200 meters.

After the walk I thought we could visit Bailey’s Winery to share a Pizza or have a coffee then explore the historic grounds and the expansive native garden.