Porepunkah to Harriettville cycle – 64kms

Date(s) - 30 Jan 2022


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader: David G
  • Phone: 0432 632 142 after 7pm the Wednesday-Thursday leading up to the ride please
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date:

The Great Valley Trail projct adds 16 kilometres of family friendly shared trail, completing a 27 kilometre link between Harrietville and Bright, and extending the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail to the base of the Alps. It has just been completed.

There is 124m elevation gain in the ‘new’ 16km section between Germantown and Harriettville, and I think I read (but can’t find the source again) that it’s about 200m elevation gain total between Bright and Harriettville.

It looks suitable for road bikes or hybrids. Just make sure your tyres are pumped up beforehand, and you bring a spare tube. Also bring plenty of water and sunscreen as I’m sure it’ll be pretty warm being late January.

I’m proposing to add an extra 5km each way (so 64km total) by starting from Porepunkah – that means the potential for ice cream at Harriettville (Morries) (and buying lunch there too if you haven’t brought any with, although there is a risk Morries mightn’t be open on the day), and a cool drink at the rail trail cafe at the end of the day.