Date(s) - 6 Oct 2019


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Bruce Key
  • Phone: 0437922777
  • Participant numbers:5 ?
  • Final booking date: Wed 2 Oct

Pine Mountain is near Walwa in the upper Murray area.  It is one of the better walks in our area because it is all on a foot track through large boulders similar to Mt Buffalo, which makes for interesting walking.   There are frequent views along the way and at the finish there is a spectacular view across the upper Murray looking at the snow-clad main range of the Snowy Mountains.  The walk is only about 11 km but there is 850 m of climbing involved which is why the grading is Medium-Hard.  The last 4 km of driving to access the start requires 4WD which is why we need another 4WD if numbers exceed 5.