Overnight to Tali Karng and Mount Wellington

Date(s) - 6 Mar 2015 until 9 Mar 2015


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Rosemary McConnell
  • Phone: (02)60568997
  • Participant numbers:8
  • Final booking date: Monday 2 March

This walk is graded as moderate and is on open snow plains with mountain views and a lake. Overall distance is 37 km (47 with side trip). We will camp at McFarlane Saddle on the first night and the second and third will both be at Millers Hut.

The walk is mostly on good tracks although on day three there is a small section which requires basic navigational skills.

As it is a long drive there and back we will need to leave on Friday morning and it will probably be a late return on Monday evening.