Overnight at Federation hut – Mt Hotham, medium-hard, 22kms return

Date(s) - 8 Apr 2017 until 9 Apr 2017


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: David G
  • Phone: 0432632142
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Final bookings: Wednesday 5th April

The plan is to wander out along the Razorback from Diamantina Hut, at a leisurely pace and set up camp at Federation Hut.  Those who wish to see the sunset can walk up Feathertop with me (remember your torch); others may prefer to remain at the camp.

In the morning we’ll retrace our steps back along the Razorback back to our cars, and hopefully get down to Harrietville in time for a coffee (or otherwise Bright).

The walk is about 11kms each way. It isn’t overly steep, but it is undulating and pretty rocky in sections, and it could get pretty cold overnight.