Overnight at Cleve Cole Hut

Date(s) - 17 Feb 2018 until 18 Feb 2018


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Mick Sheedy
  • Phone: 0437101009
  • Participant numbers:Numbers are dependent how many 4wds available
  • Final booking date: 9/2/18

This walk is both hard and easy. Any climb up Mt Bogong with an overnight pack is hard but given we are taking the easiest and shortest way to the summit – 3km maximum we will be taking things very easy. The walk does, however involve a 500m climb. On reaching the summit we might drop packs and wander up to the Mt Bogong cairn then retrace our steps, pick up packs and do the short 3km along almost flat terrain to Cleeve Cole Hut. The hut is in a flat, open, grassy area with available water and is an ideal campsite. We will set up tents and then people might like to do a 4km return almost flat, pack off, stroll to Howman Falls. On Sunday morning we will do the return journey this time dropping 500m back to the vehicle/s. Access is via Trappers Gap Track/ Camp Creek Rd, both 4WD access only. Places will depend on the availability of other 4WD vehicles there are a few seats left in my ute.