Nail Can Hill down Davies Track

Date(s) - 6 Nov 2019


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader:
  • Phone: 0260328218
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: 05/11/2019

This walk is designed for those who are in training and may be short on time and need a walk close to home with a bit of grunt. We will start at the pizza oven end of Hovel Tree Park and walk up to the Memorial and from there continue on to join the Ridge Track on Nail Can Hill. We will follow the ridge to Davies Track and descend to the bottom round past the cemetery and regain all height lost coming back onto Ridge Track just short of Reedy Dam. At this point we will head back to the cars along the Ridge Track. As we are expecting rain over the weekend the track should be good under foot. Approximately 14km.