Mt Welcome Circuit, Mitta Grade 4

Date(s) - 23 Aug 2014


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Bernadette Cromarty
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Wed 20th August

Leader: Bernadette Cromarty

Phone: 0419241687

Final date to book: Wed 20th August

This walk is a circuit walk near Mitta, combining a few sections from the Walking Tracks of Mitta Miita brochure:  After completing the Deep gully section we begin a long climb of 625m up Mt Welcome on a steep, footpad.  Whilst the summit is underwhelming, the views on the way are worth it; and rests will be needed and taken.  At the top we meet a 4wd tack that takes us down to a superb lunch spot with great views of Mitta and the valley.  When we reach the bottom there are a few kms of road walking before we link into our final sector, the River Walk.  In all it’s around 16km of varied walking.

Grade 4
(Medium-Hard) Steeper, rougher terrain and may have off-track sections (no more than one quarter of the walk) or a longer distance track walk. Opportunity to explore and discover relatively undisturbed natural environments mostly along defined and distinct tracks. Tracks can be steep. There may be short sections of rock scrambling involved. Leaders should have map reading abilities and/or ability to use a compass. Distance depending on circumstances. Not suitable for most beginners.