Mt Pilot off track

Date(s) - 11 Jun 2016


  • Grade 3
  • Leader: Warwick McLachlan
  • Phone: (02) 6025 1323
  • Participant numbers:15
  • Final booking date: 8 June

This is a walk from the club’s 1980s history. Starting from the top of Mt Pilot in Chiltern State Park walking due west then  veer north west off track to hit Greenbreak Track, then a short north-westerly walk along a gravel road to Yeddonba Picnic area where an Aboriginal rock painting of a Thylacine is visible along a quite interesting cultural heritage interpretive trail (1.5km). Then it’s a climb straight up the northern slope of Mount Pilot off track gaining 200 metres elevation to the summit, lunch and the cars. A little over 4 km in total but expect not much change out of 4 hours.