Mt Gungarten via Munyang and Disappointment Spur

Date(s) - 20 Jan 2017 until 22 Jan 2017


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Warwick McLachlan
  • Phone: (02) 6025 1323
  • email: [email protected]
  • Participant numbers:participant numbers: minimum 5
  • Final booking date: 16 January 2017

This is normally done clockwise but this time we will start from Munyang Power station, east of Guthega and head north up the fire trail to Disappointment Spur Hut then bush bash north to the Spur’s ridge top for easy off track walking to Mt Gungarten. Camping will be near the headwaters of Dicky Cooper Creek, or if the weather is cutting up, somewhere near Schlink Hilton Hut. Sunday, depending on weather will be up to Schlink Pass, onto the Rolling Ground and down Guthega Ridge to Guthega or if time and energy permits, divert to Mount Tate and a compass job down to and across Guthega River. Depart Friday night for a camp at the roadside stop near Island Bend. Your leader is old and the pace will be slow. We’ll need 2 cars for the car shuffle as it is very difficult getting a hitch between Guthega and Munyang during summer.