Mt Feather Top – Full Moon Walk – 23km Overnight Hard Walk

Date(s) - 16 Jan 2014 until 17 Jan 2014


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Feather Top full moon walk  23km Overnight hard

Leader: Bernadette Cromarty

Phone 0419 241 687 after 5pm

Final date to book: Friday January 10th 2014

This walk has become an annual event.  My plan is to walk up Bungalow Spur on Jan 16th.  We will set up camp at federation Hut, have dinner and then walk up Feathertop in time to watch the sun set.  We will then walk down with a full moon shining brightly on us.  There will be no clouds or storms.  After a great night’s sleep we will walk down to the waiting Harrietville ice-cream shop.