Mt Buffalo Walk, Camp and Sing Weekend

Date(s) - 3 Dec 2021 until 6 Dec 2021


  • Grade 3 Medium
  • Leader: Leanne
  • Phone: 0448 566 777
  • Bernadette
  • Participant numbers:15
  • Final booking date: Day walkers: Wednesday 1st December, Overnight participants: Friday 26 November

Buffalo Walk, Camp & Sing Weekend

A weekend of walking along some of Mt Buffalo’s iconic tracks, with rest stops along the way for snacking and singing easy songs in 2-4 part harmony. 

Day walkers very welcome!

Daily walks are:

Camp check-in 1pm onwards
3pm, Lake Catani Circuit, 3kms – wildflowers a-plenty
BBQ dinner


9am Lake Catani, Monolith, Chalet, Gorge, Underground River, Lake, about 10kms

Some great view spots for singing, quite a bit of up and down, takeaway coffee at Chalet, and two options to get back to the lake. 

9am South Buffalo Track, 8kms – very beautiful, not too much up and down, amazing views of Lake Buffalo

About 3pm View Point, 4kms – this walk has it all, wildflowers, forest, rock formations and a great view at the end


9am-ish Mahomet’s Tomb, Corral Peak, The Sentinel and The Castle, about 4kms

Good climbing, more great views and some really interesting nooks and crannies for singing underneath

1pm lunch at Happy Valley Hotel

Please feel really welcome to phone me or email leannemurphy at if you have any questions or would like to book in.