Mt Buffalo, Buffalo River side

Date(s) - 13 Dec 2014 until 14 Dec 2014


  • Grade 5
  • Leader: Paul Schirmer
  • Phone: 0412 404 770
  • [email protected]
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: 5 pm Wednesday 10th December

Grade 5, Exploratory

We will leave Wodonga on Saturday afternoon and stay on a property in the Buffalo River Valley so we can get an early start on Sunday morning. Our destination is a cave in a rock that can be seen from the Buffalo River road. This is all bush bashing and there is no guarantee that we will reach it. A local and his wife are going with us as guides as they have been there a couple of times. There are some beds available. There is a $15.00 cost if you want to use them or we can pitch our tents on the lawn.