Mountain Creek to Mt Bogong and Mt Hotham

Date(s) - 23 Jan 2016 until 25 Jan 2016


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Grade 5 – hard
Three days: January 23, 24, 25.
Leader: Paul S
Phone: 0412 404 770, leave a message.
Max participants: 8
Final Bookings: 18th January.
Starting at the Mountain Creek car park we will climb to the top of Mt Bogong via the Staircase Spur. We will then descend to the Big River along Quartz Ridge. From there we take the Big River Fire trail up to Warby Corner and on to either Edmonsons or Johnstons Hut to spend our first night.
Our walk will then follow the Australian Alps Walking Track to Langfords Gap and then onto some of the iconic huts on the high plains such as Wallaces and Cope Huts.
From there the track heads nearly west past Mt Cope and on to Cope Saddle then pole 333. We then veer south toward Youngs Hut. At pole 267 the track heads west down Dibbins Divide to Dibbins Hut and the Cobungra River for our second night.
Our third day starts with a steep climb up Swindlers Spur to Derricks Hut. From there it’s a short 4 kilometres to our final destination, the Mt Lock car park.
The total distance of this walk is about sixty kilometres and is very steep in places. Our destination each night may change if conditions or our levels of fatigue require it.