Jagungal Wilderness walk.

Date(s) - 14 Apr 2022 until 18 Apr 2022


  • Grade 5 Hard
  • Leader: Peter Smith-Allen
  • Phone: 0422861320
  • Participant numbers:Max 8
  • Final booking date: 8th April

  • Key risks and hazards: Slips, trips, exposure to elements, sun burn and scratches. Some water crossings including the Tumut river below the old Round mountain hut site..

Day 1, 4Km on track.

Drive to Round Mt car park and walk into camp on the Tumut River via Round Mt Hut. (Depending on what time we leave, some of this walk maybe undertaken using a head torch).


Day 2, 10Km on track. (Approximately 5.5Km off track).

Tumut River to Doubtful Creek via farm ridge trail. From Doubtful creek we leave the track and make our way to Cesjacks Hut where we camp for the night.


Day 3, (Approximately 9Km off track).

From Cesjacks hut we leave the track and head east following the undulating hills and creeks to our camp near the Tarn below Tarn Bluff.


Day 4, (Approximately 9Km off track). 2Km on track.

Today we head north over the Geehi River towards Mt Jagungal. Depending on group consensuses we can either climb Mt Jagungal or head back down a foot track to our camp at Derschkos Hut.


Day 5, 14 Km on track.

Derschkos hut to Round Mt car park and drive back home.

Please note that due to the high elevation of this walk it will only proceed if weather conditions are favorable.  All participants must be experienced overnight bushwalkers.