Heathy Spur snow camp

Date(s) - 30 Jul 2016 until 31 Jul 2016


  • Grade 4
  • Leader: Warwick McLachlan
  • Phone: 60251323but ideally book in at [email protected]
  • Participant numbers:Participant numbers – up to 8
  • Final booking date: final booking date – 24 July

The club usually runs a snow camp this time of year and 2016 is to be no exception. Suitable for 1st timers at snow camping but need to have a rudimentary ability to ski cross country. We will  backpack from Falls Creek  to camp part way along Heathy Spur – about 2 hours of slow work mainly along the groomed track. After setting up camp we will day tour to practically anywhere depending on the fitness and finesse of the party and the energy of the leader, who is old. Sunday will be similar, returning to Falls Creek mid to late afternoon. Much will depend on the weather – lying in a tent all weekend with a good book and numerous cups of tea is not unpleasant; however brilliant sunshine will ensure plenty of out and abouting. There is enough tentage  available although extra snow plates or pegs will be useful. Participants will need a good quality sleeping bag or someone close by for a restful night’s sleep.

I am away from Albury until and including 17 July so prior bookings will be responded to after that date.