Great Walhalla Alpine Walk

Date(s) - 6 Dec 2019 until 9 Dec 2019


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From 6-9 December 2019, the Victorian Mountain Tramping Club (VMTC) will host the Great Walhalla Alpine Trail walk via the downhill route incorporating side trips to places such as Mustering Flat, Mount St Gwinear and a little known highlight, Hobbit Land, which could add another 20 km to the walk depending on participants’ interest and fitness. A few of the Bushwalking Victoria Individual Supporter Members will join the walk along with VMTC members and there are a few places still available if you or a member in your club are interested in joining. Peter Conroy from the VMTC will lead the walk. If you are interested in joining, please call him on 0425 721 479.

The plan is to set off before midday next Friday and spend 3 nights out along the very special plateau incorporating Mt St Phillack, Mt Erica, Mt Talbot, and the iconic Mushroom Rocks before descending the steep Erica Spur to the Thomson River valley and along the historic timber tramline into famous gold town Walhalla.  On the first night, walkers will camp near the rock shelter, the second near Mushroom Rocks and the third at O’Shea’s Mill.

Walkers must be fully self-sufficient with all gear and food backpacked for 4 days prepared for the alpine high-country bush. This is essentially a wilderness area spent above the snowline altitude with only sporadic road access. All participants must have ambulance cover in the unlikely event of injury or illness that will necessitate evacuation by helicopter.