Full moon Feathertop

Date(s) - 18 Dec 2021 until 19 Dec 2021


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Bernadette
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Needed
  • Participant numbers:10 max
  • Final booking date: Saturday December 11th

This lovely walk went so well in February I’ve decided to put it on again.  As there is no weekend full moon in the warmer months in 2022 it’s on in December.
If there are enough people interested we can do this walk as a crossover with one group walking up Bungalow Spur  (up for 10km but quite a gradual climb) and the other along the Razorback (9km undulating)  If there are less than 8 participants we will choose one of these routes.

We will camp at Federation Hut and have an early dinner before heading up Mt Feathertop (2km each way steep).  At the top we will watch sunset and then walk down by twilight, moonlight and/or torchlight, hoping watching moonrise twice: at the top and then over the mountain at the bottom.

The next morning we will walk via the other route to the cars left by the other group. (Or back to our own cars if insufficient numbers)

It takes a lot of organizing for a crossover so please ensure that you are aware of your Christmas and other commitments before booking as withdrawing should only be for unavoidable events.  For this reason also please book before the final date for booking.