Four huts walk

Date(s) - 16 Jan 2022


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: David G
  • Phone: 0432 632 142 after 7pm the Monday-Wednesday leading up to the walk please
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date:

This will be a modified, and slightly exploratory, version of the ‘three huts walk’ Bernadette has led the past few years.

The circuit is on Mt Hotham and takes in Silver Brumby Hut (2006/7) , Spargo Hut (1927/28) and Derrick Hut (1967). The majority is on well formed tracks including parts of The Cobungra Ditch Track, Golden Point Spur, Australian Alps Track and Machinery Spur Track.

Rather than the ‘traditional’ road walk between Mt Loch and Davenport access track, I’m proposing to instead go from Mt Loch down Slalom gully to Davenport track. This looks relatively clear of vegetation on the satellite, but may have a degree of scrub-bash – hopefully not too much. But it will be very steep down, so bring poles if needed.

The walk is rated medium-hard because the track up to Spargo hut is very steep switchbacks uphill (about 400m elevation gain), and has the initial off-track section, and then another offtrack section following a pole-line uphill from Spargos to the turn-off to Derricks (about a km or two of off-track or really faint trail from memory).

It can be very hot so bring plenty of water. Also bring snake gaiters as much of this walk is on single track and/or beside water races (but don’t assume these will have water to resupply).

I am also proposing to visit Joyce Brockhoff hut on the way back to Mt Loch – I haven’t been there before but it looks pretty close-ish to the track we’ll be on, but will involve a short sharp descent and then ascent back up to the track (and then only a short walk remaining back to the cars).

My gps says this revised route will be 14.5km, however I feel this isn’t right. From memory the ‘usual’ version of the walk is 21km, which the ‘shortcut’ should shorten by a couple of km. So I think it will actually be around 18km, but be prepared that it could be longer. Accordingly we will meet pretty early, but that will also help beat the heat!