Flagstaff Range – 20km – Medium

Date(s) - 9 Jun 2012


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Leader: Deb Kahn      Phone: 60414202 before 8pm

This walk requires a short car shuffle and starts just off the Wangaratta/Myrtleford Road. It’s all on well defined 4WD forestry trails up and down a number of hills, through areas of regrowth  that take us back to the days of recent bushfires and through remnant pine plantations all the way  to Buckland Gap.  The first 8km is all uphill and when we get to the ridge the views are pretty amazing.  Lunch will be shared picnic style on a wide grassy area and participants will be asked what they would like to bring to share when booking in. Please bring own plate, eating utensils and a mug for tea/coffee/cake at the end