Date(s) - 8 Feb 2020 until 9 Feb 2020


  • Grade 4 Medium-Hard
  • Leader: Bernadette
  • Phone: 0419241687
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Sun Feb 7th

Well it’s the day before theFull Moon but I’m sure we won’t notice.

The group will meet early to tackle the climb up Bungalow Spur from Harrietville before the heat.  We will the set up camp, chill in the mountain air and eat dinner before heading up to the peak Mount Feathertop.

We will watch the sun set from this excellent vantage point with 360 degree views and the head back to camp site by the light of the moon.

In the morning we will walk back to Hrrietville in time for lunch, a dip in the river or a famous Harrietville ice-cream.