Falls Creek Trails: Walking on Water

Date(s) - 9 Jan 2016


  • Grade 3
  • Leader: Eileen
  • Phone: 60253292 or 0412042195
  • Co-leader: Pauline S
  • Participant numbers:Maximum participants: 15
  • Final booking date: Final bookings: 5pm Wednesday 6 January

Starting at Howmans Gap, we follow Route 24 past the McKay power station portal and a couple of waterfalls to Ruined Castle, thence along McKay Road, looking down on  Falls Creek, to Wombat’s Ramble and the Walking on Water trail to Rocky Valley Dam for lunch. Return will be via the aqueduct to Falls Creek then down the Packhorse Trail. Mainly up in the morning, down after lunch, but nothing too steep, about 20 km all up. Spectacular views along much of the way!