Falls Creek bike ride

Date(s) - 17 Jan 2015 until 18 Jan 2015


  • Grade 3
  • Leader: Warwick McLachlan
  • Phone: (02) 6025 1323
  • Participant numbers:10
  • Final booking date: 12 January 2015

The idea is to mountain bike tour in the Falls Creek area on Saturday firstly towards Timms Lookout, then   return to camp about 200 m from the cars in a spot off the High Plains road near Cope Hut, and then on Sunday a cycle along the Aqueduct system south of the High Plains road with a sidetrip to Wallaces. Timms may be an ask but touring the tracks round the Village may be an easier option for the party mix. Main thing is a weekend on bikes in the cool of the High Plains. Doubtlful for hybrids.