Everton to Beechworth Bike Ride 35- 45kms

Date(s) - 21 Mar 2021


  • Ungraded
  • Leader: David G
  • Phone: 0432 632 142 after 8pm
  • Participant numbers:
  • Final booking date: Bookings the Monday to Wednesday the week of the ride please

This ride will commence at the former railway station at (Upper) Everton at 9:30am where riders should meet by 9:15am. The first half of the ride is mainly uphill to Beechworth on a sealed rail trail, but the bonus is that it’s all downhill back to Everton!

I’d like to have a go at the town loop (about 9.5kms). If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can sit it out and have an extra hour for lunch. https://www.routeyou.com/en-au/route/view/1222914/cycle-route/beechworth-town-loop

Lunch in Beechworth at one of the many cafes or grab a pie from the bakery, or bring your own and join me in some shade at the chinese garden (or thereabouts).

The trail from Everton to Beechworth is all bituminised and is mostly a steady 3-3.5% gradient uphill. Most of the town loop is bitumen – initially on streets and then narrow road for the first half of the gorge loop. However the second half of the gorge loop (about 2.5-3km?) is on loose/stony gravel. I’ll be trying it on my road bike with puncture-resistant (gaterskin) tyres – but fair warning that a gravel or mountain bike would probably be a better choice for this bit.

Riders should carry a spare tube (and know how to replace it), water bottle and sunscreen.

More info at www.murraytomountains.com.au