Clubnight: Aquatic Habitats of the High Plains

Date(s) - 4 Jul 2017


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CLUB NIGHT 7:30 Tuesday July 4th

Dr Phil Suter – Aquatic habitats of the High Plains.

Dr Suter is an Emeritus Scholar in the Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution at LaTrobe University.
He will tell us about some of his research up on the High Plains with regard to the diverse aquatic habitats which influence the plants and animals. He will then talk about those animals most people seldom see, the invertebrates. The only relationship they have to animals with backbones (such as fish) is that they may be food.
Finally, he will explain how temperature in the streams is also an important factor for aquatic insect communities.

Where : Senior Citizens, Meeting Room, Civic Centre Complex, Hovell Street, Wodonga

Visitors are always welcome at meetings and supper is served afterwards.

Club Nights are regularly held on the first Tuesday of the month (except December and January) at 7:30pm. The room is opened from 7pm so that members may socialise.